About the Author

Scooter Thompson has been a science teacher for 19+ years in independent schools across the United States. Born into a family of graphically talented artists--all but he that is, he was relegated to the class of a doodler when it came to art. Still, his passion for the arts as they meshed with science never wavered, and eventually, he came upon a way of capturing both worlds in his doodle-based, kinesthetic, brain-busting puzzle game he deemed, Celestialis™. Weaving the mythology of the cosmos with his doodle afforded a new kind of kinesthetic experience that, due to the activation of more senses than traditional logic puzzles, creates an even more stimulating and fun experience for sharpening the wits. He presently resides in his hometown of Denver, Colorado where he works nearly non-stop on various entrepreneurial projects and runs his own small company that allows him to dabble in dozens of similarly unrelated ideas and ideals.