Book Ordering: Celestialis™ 2 by Scooter Thompson

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Description: Continue exploring the solar system where Celestialis™ left off. You will encounter Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, along with new celestial obstacles: pulsars, black holes, and worm holes as you flex your mental and physical muscles using these ingenious, doodle-based, kinesthetic puzzle games created by a former science teacher born into a family of artists. Deceptively simple, the challenges posed by each puzzle, as they grow in difficulty and type of celestial obstacles encountered, provide hours and hours of self-improving, brain-busting good fun. The puzzles, however, activate more senses than traditional puzzle book puzzles by utilizing not just the mental but physical muscles as well. The end results are beautiful doodle art that serve as a reward into and of themselves for the valiant efforts put forth.

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Also Available: Celestialis™ (Book 1 in the series).