Celestialis 2: Celestial Obstacle: Worm Hole

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Worm Holes

...Worm Holes are a theoretical spacial construct that allows for the folding of space time such that travel time between distant parts of the universe is decreased. Here, entering a worm hole transports you to another puzzle elsewhere in the book. As indicated by the address below the worm hole. When you decide that you want to enter a worm hole, which you do by choice and not by force, you must then follow the rules of the puzzle space to which you travel when you exit the worm hole. You must always exit and be able to exit, without overlapping previously drawn segments, in the same direction your were traveling when you entered. Of course, you may go back through the same worm hole or a different one that takes you on a journey through many different puzzles. If it is a puzzle you have already completed, remember the cardinal rules of Celestialis™: You may cross over single lines but you may not pass through loops, loops may not touch, lines may not overlap, you may not go out of bounds or off the course (this includes previous line segments you have drawn in the completion of the previous puzzle). Also note, if it is now impossible, for example, to ring the Saturn planet, then that is too bad, your result is a null puzzle on the original puzzle. YOU MUST END UP BACK AT THE END STAR of the original puzzle on which you started, so you will have to get back there either by retracing your steps or by finding a new path back. You may enter and exit worm holes on the x or y-axis of your choice insofar as you do not overlap segments previously drawn. It’s a good idea to check before you enter a worm hole to see what you might be getting yourself into. Also, for the first time in Celestialis™, two people can be working on the same puzzle at the same time! (see figure 17)

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